Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Skyscrapers: Burj Dubai, 705+metres high

No better tower to kick-start my new "skyscrapers" series than the Burj Dubai.
Yes, that gigantic thing to your right is the Burj Dubai, to be world's tallest building, come 2008. It is being built by Emaar Corporation, and will, once completed, be over 200 metres tallest than the current title holder, Taipei 101. It will be more than twice as tall as the Sky Tower. Although it's official height is being kept a secret, it is going to be at least 705 metres, and the latest estimates say well over 800. This is a tower to watch.


PC said...

"This is a tower to watch."

Sure is. Nearly half a mile high!

Roll on the One Mile High Tower!! Can't wait. :-)

Kane Bunce said...

I agree with, PC! Can't wait. A testament to what man can achieve when he actually bothers to think and to put in the effort!