Sunday, 10 December 2006

Skyscrapers-Swiss Re Tower

This odd but beautiful tower is the Swiss Re Tower, in London, England. Also known as "The Gherkin", the Swiss Re Tower stands 180 metres above London streets and is the third tallest building in the city, after the Natwest Tower (behind it) and Canary Wharf. The Swiss Re Tower was completed in 2003 and has since became a very famous structure. It has 41 floors and a total of 64,470 square metres of floor space.
The building is known as an environmentally-friendly structure, using 40% less energy than a tower of the same size. The tower's double-glazed windows are designed to trap cool air within them, to save energy otherwise used for air conditioning.

The Swiss Re tower is located in an area of London called "The City", near famous landmarks like St Paul's Cathedral.


David Farrar said...

If you book it for a function, one of the conditions is you can not refer to the venue as the Gherkin in your publicity :-)

Callum said...


I wonder who came up with the original design?