Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Whangamata Marina to finally be built

Congratulations to the people of Whangamata, who's marina is finally getting the go-ahead. After 14 years (sounds familiar?) of Wrestling with Resource Consent, getting the O-K for the marina's environmental impact and having the marina that they fought so hard for disallowed by Only-I-decide-what-goes-on-around-here MP Chris Carter, the people of Whangamata have reason to celebrate. From Stuff.co.nz:

"It has taken more than 14 years and a huge investment in time and resources to reach this point but it has been worth the effort as I am confident that the marina will prove a real asset to Whangamata."

Mr Kelly said it was hoped construction would begin in July next year.

The society went to court after Mr Carter stopped the project, and in September the High Court ruled he had failed to follow proper processes when he vetoed resource consents for the marina.

A toast to the men and women of the Whangamata Marina Society.


Kane Bunce said...

Yes, I was happy to hear that on the news last night and angered by the Greens saying it was a bad thing.

Kane Bunce said...

Now I just wish my mother could get her pet store. I hope it doesn't take her 14 years!