Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Adolf Hitler would be proud

Section 14 Article

The German government is going to use it's position as government of the European Council to ban denial of the Holocaust and use of the Swastika.

As much as I hate the Nazis, I find it ironic that Germany, a Western World nation with proper Civil Liberties, despite it's past, is using fascism to ban fascism. As Bernard Darnton said:

"If bad ideas are going to be defeated it must be with better ideas. Imprisoning a person for the ideas they express does nothing to defeat the idea. It is by evidence and debate that we must come to the truth."

And, he's entirely correct. Just like the War on Drugs and Alcohol Prohibition during the 1930's, a prohibition on denying the holocaust will not destroy the problem, it'll magnify it. Fascism starts with the prohibition of ideas. The idea that the holocaust didn't happen is an, albeit stupid, idea.

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