Friday, 16 February 2007

Richard Goode, Libertarianz webmaster, launches petition against BZP ban

On January 14, Richard Goode, webmaster for the Libertarianz and Libertarianz spokesperson on drugs, launched a petition against the BZP ban. The petition can be downloaded here.

"The petition calls on the New Zealand House of Representatives not to ban or further restrict the sale of benzylpiperazine (BZP) and BZP-based party pills." Mr Goode said. "One in five New Zealanders has used BZP and they do it because they enjoy it. Banning BZP will deprive these people of a pleasurable, legal pastime.Alcohol causes more grief and mayhem than all illicit drugs combined".

Mr Goode went on to say "Adults own their own bodies. What adults put into their own bodies is their own business, and no-one else's. BZP is a relatively sensible choice."

I wish Richard the best of luck for this petition. It will also become a "Libertarian Crusade".

Once again, best of luck Richard.

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