Wednesday, 14 March 2007

CyberNations and CyberCitizens

I've started playing CyberNations and CyberCitizens.

CyberNations is a nation-simulation game, where you can build your own nation any way you want. There are many different things you can choose or affect, like tax rates, literacy, government position, national religion, primary ethnicity, size, infrastructure level, technology level and you can even wage war on other nations (so you can buy troops, tanks, aircraft, cruise missiles and even nuclear bombs). You can trade with other nation for resources and offer/be offered foreign aid. My nation is Berginsa, in Southern France.

CyberCitizens is a people-simulation game, much the same as CyberNations. Although you don't get to see what your citizen looks like, you can choose their height, weight, city they live in (I'm currently in Sydney), job, if they start fights, virtues, etc. All this effects your citizens pay, age, living conditions, intelligence, nourishment, happiness, and many other things. All of them effect how the game is played out. My citizen, well... his name speaks for himself.

Both are very good games, and I suggest you try them.


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