Tuesday, 6 March 2007

CYFSwatch finally made to rest in peace

Sad news. The new CYFSwatch site has just been deleted again. It looks like the Ministry of Societal Deprivation finally got their way.

I'm not quite sure of whether it's another dictatorial action by Helen Stalin, and her Liarbour party parasites, but I do know that it's a sad day for free speech in NZ; such days are becoming awfully common.

Edit: Bernard has provided me with the link to the third (and easily the best!) CYFSwatch site. So, once again, here it is.


Rick said...

Wouldn't worry about it. They've been deleted before. If they want a web site who can really stop them?

You can't stop the signal.

bdarnton said...

http://www.cyfswatch.org/ is what you're looking for.

Rick said...