Wednesday, 28 March 2007

The March Against Sue-Bradford's Anti-smacking bill

I'm back from my little trip away, and this blog is active again, thanks everyone for your patience.

As you would know from all the news articles, there was a big march in Wellington and Christchurch. Unfortunately, due to other committments, I wasn't able to join in against the ludicrous bill, but all the Libertarians from Wellington joined in, including Bernard Darnton, Phil and Luke Howison, and Lindsay Perigo.

The protestors marched up to Parliament, chanting slogans and waving picket-signs as protestors do. However, unlike many protestors, they were protesting against a law that is unjust, unfair (to good parents), and will inevitably end up as a disaster.

The Anti-Smacking Bill will not stop bad parents from beating their children; it will stop good parents from discipling their children. It will not stop bad parents from terrorizing their children; it will stop good parents from instilling a sense of 'right' and 'wrong' (two words most politicians have never heard of) into their children. Catch my drift, Sue?

Any politician who actually thinks that this bill will end family violence is well and truly a complete idiot.


Kane Bunce said...

Indeed. Also, I see Helen Clark has the same difficulty telling the difference between a smacking and a beating that Sue Bradford has. She says those that are against the Bill support beating their children. But that is true for less than 1% of them.

Callum said...

Hey, it's good to see you back, Kane!

Helen Clark, who is supposed to be on the left for things like this, seems to be extremely good at stereotyping her opponents. She's also paranoid; no-one in their right mind would say that the Libz are part of a conspiracy with National, and certainly not the Exclusive Brethren!

Kane Bunce said...

It is good to be back. Losing the internet sucks. By the way, I have a new blog at that is basically a semi-revival of my old one. And the Torch of Reason blog of my friend, Dwayne Davies, is deleted now. However, he is working on a website of the same name that will have a blog, be a repository for essays/articles on reason, and have a subscription service as well. It will also have short stories.

Callum, that is an understatement!