Wednesday, 7 March 2007

North Korea's way of getting what they want

The North Korean government has a special way of getting whatever they want, whenever they want from the West. From the International Herald-Tribune:

"Under a Feb. 13 agreement reached at six-nation talks in Beijing, North Korea must shut down its main nuclear reactor and allow U.N. inspectors back into the country within 60 days. In return, the North would receive aid equal to 50,000 tons of heavy fuel oil from the other countries in the six-party talks on its nuclear program — the United States, South Korea, Russia, China and Japan."

I don't know why the West is engaging in this bribery with Kim-Jong Il, especially since the West has nuclear weapons of it's own, in a far greater amount than North Korea. The West is funding this crazy government, and it's crazy nuclear weapons program.

Also from the International Herald-Tribune:

"The Feb. 13 timetable is the first step toward implementing a September 2005 agreement in which North Korea agreed to abandon its nuclear programs in exchange for energy aid and security guarantees.
[U.S. Assistant Secretary of State] Hill said he was encouraged by Kim's willingness to look ahead to the more difficult next stage, which calls for the country's plutonium-producing reactor to be disabled and then dismantled — and for North Korea to make a full disclosure of its entire nuclear program."

Really? Perhaps Dubya and some of his collegues need to remember that North Korea is a COMMUNIST country, not at all unlike the USSR. And we should remember what the USSR brought us all to the brink of:

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