Thursday, 5 April 2007

Iran Releases Britsh hostages

The fourteen men and one woman taken hostage by Iran for allegedly tresspassing in Iranian waters have finally been released, easing international tensions between Iran and the West (for now, anyway). President Ahmedinejad of Iran said he forgave the British Perssonal, but said that Britain "was not brave enough" to admit that they'd tresspassed into Iranian waters.

The hostages boarded a plane headed for London for Tehran, being escorted onto the plane away from journalists and the media. The fifteen flew business-class to London. British Prime Minister Tony Blair welcomed them when they arrived in London.

The Iranian President also met the fifteen hostages in person. Although everybody is happy that the hostages have finally been freed, several British newspapers have been asking questions about the situation. Ahmedinejad has also defended Iran's right to develop nuclear weapons.

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