Monday, 16 April 2007

Is Anyone Surprised?

...North Korea failed to meet the deadline to shut down it's nuclear reactor.

The US told North Korea on Sunday that it must take action within days to suspend it's nuclear weapons program, after a pledge North Korea made two months ago. Democrat nominee and current New Mexico governor Bill Richardson remains optomistic, who just returned from a trip to North Korea collecting remnants from American soldiers who died in the Korean war. He believes that North Korea will shut down their nuclear reactor this week. It is the sixth trip he has had to the country.

The US Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill has said that the countries involved (US, China, both Koreas, Japan and Russia) will likely meet again toward the end of this month. North Korea has yet to decide on a deadline before which to completely dismantle it's nuclear program.

Good ol' Communism huh.


King Junkalunka said...

Nope. Nice blog! I tried to do a political blog, but lost interest and patience I guess. Keep up the good work!

Callum said...

Thanks, Junkalunka! (my favourite CN friend)