Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Why should Gun Laws prevent Someone from killing Someone Else?

After 32 people were shot by one lunatic who went on a shooting spree in Virginia Tech College, in the USA, many people are speaking out against America's "liberal" gun laws. John Communist Campbell said that "America learnt absolutely nothing from Columbine".

However, he is right for a change. America failed to learn that responsible teachers and staff in America's schools should have the right to bear arms in schools, for the protection of students and school property. It would've just taken one person to take out that nut. Instead, arms were disallowed on the VA Campus, allowing people who go and kill others to roam free.

Even if guns were banned in the States, it would've made no difference to the shooter. He wasn't out to show the world the dangers of American gun laws, he was out to kill people. That was his intention, and whether guns were banned or not his intention wouldn't have itchanged a bit. I refer to drug usage levels in the US as proof of that. The more government meddling, the worse the situation has become.

The killings in the College were not a failure of American gun laws. Instead, they were a failure to provide adequate defense for the students in the College. If someone had a right to self-defense in it, the shootings would've only been a minor problem compared to what they were.

Just because the lamb is defenseless doesn't mean the wolf won't eat it.

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