Saturday, 21 July 2007

Government Corruption

This Labour Government has...

...overspent illegally on election propaganda;
...covered it up and changed the law to suit it's own interests;
...spent millions of dollars of tax money on such petty services such as radio sing along courses;
...prosecuted people for not allowing criminals to kill them;
...disallowed us to discipline children; anything to our property without a 14-year wait for Resource Consent;
...openly proposed that people must pay for political parties we hate;
...openly proposed disallowing criticism during elections;
...not enjoy our holidays
...not interfere with snails regardless of our livelihoods;
...openly supported a philosophy which wants us all dead (see "environmentalism");
...ignored another philosophy which wants at least the West all dead (see "Islamofascism');
...lead society down the "no-responsibility, work is for suckers" welfare state black hole";
...and most recently, fired a government worker because of her emotions for someone who didn't agree with Helen.

But to many NZer's, stuff it all as long as I get my handout.

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Sus said...

Beaut last line. Make a note to fish this out for use in the run-up to next year's election!