Thursday, 12 July 2007

Rotorua to Banning Spitting and Swearing in Public

The City Council of Rotorua is deluded. I agree that spitting on the ground and swearing in public are stupid, but do the utopian citizens of Rotorua really believe that their ban will work? After all, Rotorua is hardly the most upscale town. This law will only serve to increase the amount of profanity and saliva on Rotorua's streets.

The proper solution to these undesirables: property rights.


Redbaiter said...

"The proper solution to these undesirables: property rights."

WTF?? The problem is merely that the citizens of Rotorua doing the swearing and the spitting have no moral standards. End of story. I agree this is not a matter for legislation, but what the hell has property rights got to do with excessive bad language?

DenMT said...

To the libertarian mind, 'property rights' can be applied to any problem to achieve the best solution. Use your 'reason' and you will see it is evident. Also Ayn Rand said so.


unaha-closp said...

The real libertarian solution to these undesirables: handguns - people tend not to swear at you when you have a gun.

Callum said...

redbaiter (from Lindsay Perigo):

"If I owned the streets I certainly would want to keep the scum out. I'd have a sign up that said "Gum-chewers will be shot." And anyone with a ghetto-blaster would be hangied (as opposed to hanged), very, very slowly."

unaha-closp: Maybe just. ;-).

Redbaiter said...

OK got it. Thanks Callum.

Perigo wants to own the streets of Rotorua, and when he does, swearing and spitting will stop.

No logic gaps or unrealistic scenarios in that argument are there?

Oh, and when is he going to fix it? Soon?

Hope so, because once ( a few decades ago) it never happened, and funny thing is, the streets weren't private property then.

BTW, do all Perigo's young admirers rely on him to answer questions for them, or are some of them brave enough to answer for themselves? Or is it more a matter of receiving permission?