Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Updated "Child Abuse" Post

Mitch Lees, who happens to be a moderator at SOLO, has edited my "Child Abuse-But Never Mind the Abusers" post and made it into a Press Release in SOLO, making it my first Press Release as Youth Coordinator at SOLO. The new version goes like this:

SOLO-NZ Press Release: NZ Government—The Child Abuser's Friend

"After the disgusting abuse suffered by one child in Rotorua, the idiotic socialists and politicians in Parliament are once again saying that, somehow, the abuse is all society's fault. It’s not really the abusers’ fault—hell no, they're beneficiaries!—but instead that of the 4.1 million other New Zealanders who have not committed abuse. Somehow, we should all be ashamed of who we are because of the actions of a few scumbags," says SOLO (Sense of Life Objectivists) Youth Coordinator, Callum McPetrie. "Once again, no one points to the abusers as the real criminals.

“A five-year-old would be able to point out the irrationality in the logic of the socialists," says Callum, who is 13. “Now, the politicians are compounding their evil with the man-hating questions they are going to force all women who attend public hospitals to answer. Questions such as , ‘Have you ever felt controlled or criticised?” which have nothing to do with child abuse and everything to do with the Nanny State feminazi agenda that drives this government.

"It should be remembered that it was only a matter of weeks ago that our 'representatives' in the Beehive implemented a smacking ban to end all this child abuse," notes McPetrie. "Ironically though, it is in fact the Parliamentary socialists who are aiding and abetting abusers by bribing them to breed!

"But, of course, let’s not pretend Parliamentary Leftists will wake up and do anything about it. A government that robs Peter to pay Paul will always count on the support of Paul. And in the way democracy is now in New Zealand, honesty never matters when election time comes rolling around—observe the 2005 election—but instead, who will give the greatest handouts? It's about damn time to stand up for the 99.99% of NZ parents who do not abuse their kids and point to the actual abusers and their political sponsors as the real criminals.”


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