Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Kiwi Apartheid

Few people seem to realize how racist a place New Zealand really is. To go over a few laws and legislation:

-First off, the Treaty of Waitangi. The single document responsible for the PCization of NZ politics and culture, and the primary reason why Kiwi law is so racist.
-Two electoral roles. What really is the point in having two electoral roles, other than the division of the voting population.
-Maori land rights taking precedence over everyone else's. Maori people are no more or no less people than anyone else. Howcome their right to property-which is directly related to their right of life-is more important than anyone else's?
-Thanks to Political Correctness, Maori people also have more government devoted to them than the rest of the population. For instance, would Land Transport NZ pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to divert a whole road away from a mystical animal's hiding place if the white population said it was important to them?
-The fact that when a Maori person, or a minority person in general, does something bad like murder or rape, it's everyone's fault. Of course, this is never true amongst the white population.

Many Maori people are part of a large NZ "underclass" of people who beat their wives, get drunk regularly, and let their children join gangs and get themselves hurt or even true. Colonialization back 100 years ago was hardly the best policy of the European superpowers, and did treat indigenous peoples as second-class citizens. But that was 100 years ago. Maori people can go out and success in life just as anyone else can. But many don't, and statistics for Maori people are quite shocking. The reason for this is that many Maori fall victim to the belief that they're part of a victimized culture that needs eternal reparation. But Maori, just like everyone else in New Zealand, are responsible for their own actions and wellbeing, not people who lived 150 years ago.

Colonialism=bad. Tribalism=worse.

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