Friday, 7 September 2007

Osama "Funny", According to Some Pranksters

We all know this security in Sydney is all a bit ridiculous, especially with snipers(!) hidden away in some Sydney locations.

Naturally, a prank had to happen some time or another, eventually. So some Aussie comedians-one dressed up as Osama bin Laden-decided to try and breach security at the event, by sneaking in in a fake Canadian motorcade. They were busted when one of the pranksters jumped out and started running. All the pranksters involved are now eligible for jail time.

With the snipers at the event from obviously far-off locations where detail can't be seen too well, it's a surprise to find out they weren't literally shot on the spot.

Although it's obvious what the intentions of the pranksters are, perhaps they should think about their little Osama bin Laden disguise. He is a man who wants every single person who isn't a Muslim dead. He killed 3,000 people on September 11th, and changed the world for the worse. It is disgusting, and the Australian people shouldn't be pleased at all. Although free speech comes before the morality of a man's clothes, perhaps he should stop to think about whether is little prank is ethical, moral, or even funny at all.

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