Friday, 19 October 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

The Nobel Peace Prize has made clear its political intentions in giving the Nobel Peace Prize to Inconvenient Al Gore recently. The driving forces behind the Peace Prize have stopped genuinely giving the prize to people who advocate and fight for actual peace, but instead have given in to feel-good environmentalism.

What they fail to realize is, after the hundreds of thousands of millions of contradictions and lies in his works are gone through, that it is very clearly a political stunt on his behalf-for political reasons-for instance I've seen a link on PC's blog that says that over half of all scientists disagree with the AGW "consensus". A lot more people than are portrayed are actually above the nonsense that is environmentalism. The fact that not a lot, lot more debate is portrayed amongst climate scientists and meteorologists is the fact that now, millions of jobs and billions of dollars depend on AGW being true and happening.

The two reasons why environmentalism is still with us, frankly, are: money and power. It's just a damn shame that most-perhaps 95% of environmentalists, except for the ones in high positions, fail to realize so.

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riki said...

so in other words,, there is nothing innocent in the nobel committes decision to award Gore.

the obvious inferral is that the committeee saw gores initiative in keeping green issues alive and thriving, when in fact it is just a smoke screen to keep powerful people accumulating more money.

the q is, is money evaporating.
we seem to be conditioned to the cashless society that govt never talks about.

Cash (that the IRD distinctly depsises) is rapidly being deterioated from the economy. That prices get rounded to the nearest zero, which usually means
to the 10 and means we're being financially raped will bring more acceptance of cash free spending.

so, Gores' nobel prize in no way justifies the means to the end,,
according to that and your line of thinking.

Gores' prize is just as invalid as Bushes' presidency.

And cash is being indoctrinated as invalid as personal freedom and independence