Friday, 12 October 2007


The Labour Government has recently rolled out its rather extreme plans for curbing carbon emissions (in effect, industrial production) which, as the MSM has said, "will touch the lives of every New Zealander". Perhaps by far the most significant way the Labour Government will be about the rationalization of production is its long-term plan to ban fossil-fueled power plants.

The pure and simple fact is, "renewable" energy is expensive-perhaps with the exception, surprisingly, of forms the Environmentalists don't like (hydroelectric, nuclear and even wind jump into mind here). Trying to convert NZ's power stations to renewable sources will have serous consequences on thousands of poorer New Zealanders, who simply can't afford to buy anything else. Fossil-fueled power stations are, at the current moment, the best option for New Zealand economic growth-the outcome of which will be, as technology advances, a lot more cleaner industry. Labour's current plans throw all that into jeopardy.

It will also result in power-rationing, as, thanks to the current RMA, any new power plant whatsoever will cost about $5,000,000 more than it should. Black-outs would become a usual occurrence in NZ's sparse and poorer areas-small towns folk can't pay millions of dollars more for "clean" power, let alone NZ's largest cities!

The consequences of the ban on fossil-fuel plants? As always, blackouts, rationing, price hikes and the strangling of industial production.

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