Saturday, 24 November 2007

Aussie Election '08

The Australian election is upon us, and in a matter of hours the final results will be in.

John Howard has been in for a good four terms, and if he gets in for another he will be tied for the title of longest running Australian PM. Meanwhile Kevin Rudd, who is expected to win, has only been in with Labor for 12 months. He is campaigning on the premise that he and his Labor party are new faces in Australian politics, which don't change a lot. John Howard isn't campaigning for any changes, as Australians have never been richer and, to the annoyance of our government, about 40,000 Kiwis moved there last year.

Kevin Rudd is a new face, and plans to make changes, despite what his campaign suggests. However, Australia is doing fantastically at the moment, and John Howard is more capitalist (although Rudd is probably more socially liberal). So I'm supporting Howard, but he's hardly incredible.

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