Saturday, 8 December 2007

Hugo Chavez NOT "Dictator Perpetuus"!

In a smart move to combat Hugo Chavez's dictatorial ambitions, the Venezuelan people have voted in a referendum against Hugo Chavez being named "dictator for life" in Venezuela. Even so, those are still his ambitions. But still, a good step away from socialism and the trash heap of the world, in a nation that prefers capitalism more than the US.

I can imagine why. With the country being the incredibly dysfunctional, corrupt and dangerous it is (its murder rate is nearly 7 times that of the US), it's just not a place you want to be.


Manolo said...

Chavez is despised by a lot of people not only in Venezuela but in all Latin America.

His uncouth behaviour in the last summit ib Chile, while he was asked to shut up by the King of Spain (in an attempt to stop Chavez's rantings against former Spanish Prime Minister Aznar) has shown Chavez for what he really is: a "gorila", an army officer unsuitable to be in a position of power.

personallydisinterested said...

It is amazing that they can't keep milk at the stores eventhough they have all that oilwealth. Socialism is a very bad idea for 3rd world countries no matter how much money you have.

Callum said...

manolo, by any chance are you from South America or somewhere in the Spanish-speaking world?

The Spanish king, although himself a socialist or thereabouts, demonstrated real courage in the face of Hugo Chavez. Now why can't America do the same?