Thursday, 6 December 2007

Nebraska Mall Shooting

Another day, another shooting. Or so it seems.

Hmmm - America is getting knee-deep in shootings and wars, Europe is going down the socialist road to oblivion, South America has a revolution every other month, and Russia is caught in the grips of a fascist government. Most of Asia is still dirt poor, the Middle East is trapped in the Middle Ages, and Africa...says enough. The only places which seems to be making progress towards a rational society and politics is Eastern Europe, and the richest societies of Asia. Here in NZ? It's obvious enough!

With regards to Chinese development: Most Chinese are still poor. The richest and most developed places in China are the Special Economic Zones, where almost complete Capitalism abounds under the eye of a watchful government. Apart from that, the areas that are the richest always have the most private industry, and foreign investment.


riki said...

I see chinese workers are pushing for pay rises that will lift international prices.

How much will Reeboks be worth now?

The govt wants to put another tax on fuel and there are calls in some quarters for a rise in G S T.

Mean while in Australia it's big news tram fares are going up by
20c next year. And our socialists try to compare us to Aus. Then they have the cheek to demean Kiwi's who move there.

I find it intriguing and very much so that the govt rounded on a Maor ipolitical commentator who predicted civil war a couple of years ago, but said absolutely nothing when Lindsay Perigo publicly stated the cause for open rebellion against the govt days ago.

Also interesting Helen never commented on the 5,000 she wanted to see protesting the EFB.

These socialists are feral and need eradicating. But so far I'll keep that to the polls.

Otherwise, I'll leave the big statements to the big men.

personallydisinterested said...

I think the greatest dangers to capitalism are its misrepresentations. Chinese freetrade zones are not capitalism. Under capitalism citizens can sue for damages when their environment is completely degraded. Capitalists will evenutally get the blame for China's environmental disasters.