Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Common Sense From Jeremy Clarkson

Common Sense is a rare thing, and its application even more so. Yet, displays of excellence can be found in strange places -even in the celebrity world. This piece below was written by Jeremy Clarkson, the Brit who is host of the British car show "Top Gear", watched by over 350 million people worldwide, and a true "funny guy" to boot -which gets him scores of fans everywhere, from Malaysia to Wyoming to Finland.
"I tell you this, beardie [Archbishop of Canterbury]. Many, many more people have died in the name of God than were killed in the name of Hitler.

Between 1096 and 1270, the Crusades killed about 1.5m. Way more than have been killed by patio heaters and Range Rovers combined. Then there was the 30 years’ war, which reduced Europe’s population by about 7.5m. And the slaughter is still going on today in Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine and Pakistan. Benazir Bhutto was killed by a religious nut, not a homeless polar bear....

We have been told by those of a communist disposition that if we return to a life of sackcloth and potato soup (bishops excepted) and if we meet all the targets laid down by the great scientist John Prescott at Kyoto, then Britain will be a shining beacon to the world. Others will see what we have done and immediately lay down their 4x4s.

Rubbish. America and China and India will ignore our lunacy and our economic suicide and continue to embody the human spirit for self-improvement (or greed, as Rowan calls it).

No matter. Old Rowan will doubtless applaud the move. This is a man who was arrested in the antinuclear protests of the 1980s. Who refused to call the 9/11 terrorists evil and said they had serious moral goals. Who thinks that every single thing bought and sold is “an act of aggression” on the developing world. Who campaigns for gay rights but wouldn’t actually appoint a homosexual as a bishop. And who recently said in an interview that America was the bad guy and that Muslims in Britain were like the good Samaritans.

In other words, he’s a full-on, five-star, paid-up member of the loony left, so anything that prevents the middle classes from having a Range Rover and a patio heater is bound to get his vote.

If, however, he really wants to bring peace and stability to the world, if he really believes Britain can be a force for good and a shining beacon in troubled times, then I urge him to close the Church of England.

If we can demonstrate that we can survive without a church - and when you note 750,000 more people went online shopping on Christmas Day than went to church, you could argue we already do - then, who knows, maybe the mullahs and the left-footers will follow suit.

Daft? Not as daft as expecting the government in Beijing to renounce electricity because everyone in Britain has swapped their Range Rover for a mangle.

But better? Well yes. I genuinely believe we are born with a moral compass and we don’t need it reset every Sunday morning by some weird-beard communist in a dress. I am, as you may have gathered, completely unreligious, but it doesn’t stop me trying to be kind to others, and I’m never completely overwhelmed with a need to murder madmen in pulpits. Slightly overwhelmed sometimes, but never completely.

Morally, the world would be no worse if religion were abolished. Practically, it would be much, much better. And so, given the choice of which we should give up, God or the patio heater, the choice is simple."

This little snippet is part of a wider article by Clarkson, who makes a very good point about the hypocrisy of the Church.

Clarkson is so popular, and his political ideology so sensible (for Britain) that now a petition has been formed to instate him as Prime Minister of the UK, with over 35,000 signatures (and a SOLOist, Marcus Bachler, is at #10). Another petition has been put forward, with over 265,000 signatures, declaring that:

“Clarkson is as close to a god [as] any mere mortal can get. His straightforward nononsense attitude would make our country great once more.”

I concur.


writeups said...

Indeed, Jeremy Clarkson writes a lot of sense!

Anonymous said...

Yes, good on Clarkson for saying what many are too timid to do.

Congrats, Callum, for you highlighting this on your weblog.

Love the part about campaigning for gay rights (whatever that is) yet not appointing a gay Bishop! LOL!! ...oh so true of the Socialist 'Chattering Classes'

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