Thursday, 3 January 2008

Skyscrapers-Library Tower

The Library Tower (or US Bank Tower) is the tallest building in Los Angeles, and the tallest along North America's West Coast. Completed in 1989, the tower was so named in order to save the Los Angeles Library, which had severe financial difficulties at the time, from having to close.

The Library Tower is 310 metres high, with 73 floors all the way to the top. It has over 120,000 square metres of floor space, with 24 elevators.

The tower is best known for dominating the LA skyline, getting blown up in the movie "Independence Day", its shiny gold-coated facade, and for the distinctive "crown" at its peak, with the US Bank signage looking out over Los Angeles. Recently, a terrorist plot to destroy the Library Tower, similar to the plot to destroy the World Trade Center, was foiled. If it had succeeded, not only the Library Tower would've been destroyed but a good deal of the LA downtown would've been destroyed too, due to its small area.

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