Sunday, 17 February 2008

Another "Gun Free" Shooting!

Two days ago, a maniac went on a rampage at the Northern Illinois University, and killed six civilians, five of whom died on the site, and himself. This is the second mass shooting in Illinois -one of America's crookedest and most socialist states- in the last month, the third in America in the last month, and the third mass shooting in a "gun-free zone" since VA Tech.

That's right, another gun-free zone (keep in mind that the great majority of schools in America and across the world are gun-free zones). Another lunatic who kills more than five people.

The other incident in Illinois was when a gunman walked into a suburban department store in Chicago and killed five women. In this case, also keep in mind that Chicago (along with all of America's major cities) is a gun-free zone, all but officially. Even though you can still own a gun, you wouldn't dare use it in public.

The other incident in the US this month happened in a small town hall outside St. Louis, Missouri. But only because armed guards were already protecting the town hall, could the gunman have been taken out effectively in that manner. In the other cases, the shootings stopped when the gunmen killed themselves!

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