Friday, 28 March 2008

Oops. Hillary Style.

The Democratic Candidates have really been falling over themselves recently, hurting their chances of becoming the new President of the US. The most recent cock-up belongs to Hillary Clinton.

At a recent campaign speech, Hillary talked about her visit to Bosnia in 1996, just after the war, but still a very dangerous place. All very well, but look at what she said:

'"I remember landing under sniper fire... There was supposed to be some sort of greeting ceremony at the airport, instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles.''

In her speech, Hillary Clinton uses this phrase to discuss her international experience on the world stage, with such skills being important in the upcoming 2008 election, considering the war in Iraq. The only problem is... it's not true.

the camera paints a very different story. Instead, Clinton is seen walking quite calmly off her plane, and being greeted by a young girl from the area. She was surrounded by a large group of entourage -most of them being media personnel. There was no threat to her life at all.

The whole charade is explained in detail in this YouTube video, by the American news channel CBS.

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