Friday, 25 April 2008

Cancer Society Logic

The Cancer Society is once again having its routine blabbles over the sale of tobacco and cigarettes in supermarkets, claiming that sale should be out of the public's view and that it is "incomprehensible" that public sale is permitted in supermarkets.

But, as usual, something escaped their minds. What is the substance(s) most discreetly sold in New Zealand, and all over the world?

The answer to that would be: illegal drugs. After all, NO ONE sells illegal drugs in supermarkets and if you want to buy them, you usually have to meet a secret contact somewhere in a dark alley, where sky-high prices are the norm.

There's no market (or government) protection of the industry and those in it in the illegal drugs trade. If you have to rob someone at knifepoint or gunpoint in order to pay for the drugs, so be it. If you get murdered after the transaction, your loss.

Maybe the Cancer Society should consider the effects of making drugs illegal, and driving them underground. Unfortunately, logic escapes such organizations, who are more often than not out to increase their own power base.

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