Friday, 23 May 2008

A Tale of Two Budgets

Two budgets were released on Wednesday this week. One was the typical tax-and-spend budget promulgated by Helen Clark and Michael Cullen, promising a "tax cut" of $16 a week that will be eaten up shortly by inflation and the rising cost of living; the other was the Libertarianz Alternative Budget, that was put out by Libertarianz Leader Bernard Darnton. (A full spreadsheet outlining the budget in detail can also be downloaded from that page.)

Libertarianz will cut government spending and give back public money in the form of a true tax cut, $220 dollars per week. Libertarianz will slash the regulations and taxes on our economy, allowing New Zealand to truly surpass Australia in living standards and a growing economy; and help the poor and disadvantaged in society -by giving them back the money that was took from them, and regurgitated out in the form of "benefits."

Libertarianz will also enable New Zealand to defend itself properly, by buying new military equipment, such as brand new fighter jets. Libertarianz believes that a free nation should be able to defend itself, and works towards that end.

Libertarianz will paying no-hopers on the welfare state to breed, allowing voluntary charity and a work ethic to take its place. By legalizing victimless crimes, Libertarianz will put more resources into fighting real crime, and getting New Zealand away from the #1 spot in sexual assault, property crime and child abuse, in the world.

As well as the things mentioned above, Libertarianz will create, within a few years, one of the most dynamic, diverse and flexible economies in the world being able to adapt to changing market conditions rather than stumbling behind the rest of the developed world in GDP.

It's enough to make you vote Libertarianz!


Anonymous said...

"...getting New Zealand away from the #1 spot in sexual assault, property crime and child abuse, in the world."

Hmmmmm. What's your source for that gem?

Callum said...

Sexual Assault and Property Crime:


With the child abuse, most studies by the UN and others point to NZ as having one of, if not the highest, rate of child abuse anywhere. Although the UN wouldn't be my first source for information, other independent studies show similar information.

Also, according to Ross Kemp from the TV show "Ross Kemp on Gangs, we have the highest percentage of gangs:total population in the world.