Sunday, 1 June 2008

Boycott the Government!

This is a chain email that I've started, to raise awareness in New Zealand about the true culprit of the high price of oil in New Zealand:

To the citizens of New Zealand:

Recently, you may have received an email or two telling you to boycott big oil companies, that they are the cause of today's pains at the pump. Think for a second: are they? Is it they who take 50% of you petrol costs without your consent, stuffs it into their pocket, and then walks away without you knowing, or having agreed to the "transaction"?


Who claims to use 50% of your petrol money for roading -on continually congested Auckland streets only?

Who claims to use the money to buy a train system costing over $690,000,000 -when NASA can land a probe on Mars for over $200,000,000 LESS?

Who claims to use the money for new infrastructure, when every other week we hear of an old lady or family FORCED out of their home for a motorway that NEVER gets built?

Think about it: Your GOVERNMENT is the real thief here. Your GOVERNMENT takes HALF of your petrol money -and ends up using it on BUGGER ALL to help New Zealand!

Government is supposed to be representative of New Zealand citizens -but is this TRUE representation? NO!

The quick answer to rising petrol costs is: BOYCOTT THE GOVERNMENT! Don't believe government propaganda and election promises -what it really wants is YOUR MONEY!

If you want true representation, for the government to truly listen to the voices of the New Zealand people, boycott governmental lies and control! Take back YOUR life and YOUR liberty!


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