Friday, 27 June 2008

A Victory for Liberty

The Supreme Court of the United States has overturned the DC Gun Ban as unconstitutional -which is a big victory for Liberty, and the Right to Bear Arms. The DC Gun Ban, which has been in place for 32 years, has denied the residents the right to own firearms to defend themselves.

As for the criminals, the statistics speak for themselves. DC had 169 homicides in 2006 -most of them gun-related. 2006 was also one of the best years DC has had since the ban was implemented. Clearly, the ban has simply put more power into the hands of criminals and gangs. Just for the record, in 1991 DC had an unbelievable 484 murders -which is a shocking indictment on just how spectacularly the Ban has failed.

The DC Gun Ban hasn't worked -maybe Liberty can do better!

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Elijah Lineberry said...

Yes, a splendid decision showing freedom is making a comeback in America.