Friday, 1 August 2008

Socialism: LA Style

The City of Los Angeles, in yet another attempt to move America closer to socialism and state control, has put a one-year moratorium on all fast food outlets in South Los Angeles, with the stated goal of lowering obesity levels in the area, which are around 30%.

Will it lower obesity levels? No -most people in the South LA area live in some degree of poverty, so going to cheap fast food outlets scattered throughout the area usually save fuel and time, as opposed to going to better restaurants in other parts of town. More fuel, time and car use would be the outcome, which would result in less productive as more time and money is used trying to get something to eat.

Instead, a better idea is to make these people productive, or more so. Slash business regulations which prevent poor people from starting up their own businesses. Cut down employment regulations so people on the bottom rung of the economic ladder can have more job opportunities at their disposal. Also, provide proper protection for people in these areas, who have been inflicted more by crime, both property crime and violent crime, than any other group of people in any other area of LA.

Then you'd start to see a real change.

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