Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Winston Peters: Finally Gone

Winston Peters has finally been in front of a Select Committee tonight. Tomorrow, we will know whether Winston Peters still has his job, or if he's out forever.

But even, if by some supreme miracle, he survived this hearing, that will be the end of him. The election is only eight weeks away, and the accusations of Owen Glenn, Sir Bob Jones and the Vala Family have been enough to tear him to shreds with the New Zealand public. The recent events have been enough to make anyone, including Winston Peters, resign from politics. He has nothing more to offer.

And so, we say goodbye. But what to? A career of flip-flopping, and going with whichever party wins the election?

Is Winston Peters really a great loss to New Zealand?

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Elijah Lineberry said...

No he is not a loss to NZ politics.

He has spent 20 years causing trouble about all manner of things and a period of silence from him is long overdue!