Monday, 19 January 2009

Hawkes Bay

I've been in the Hawkes Bay for the last several days without a computer, which explains my absence from the internet.

Although I don't have any photos of the area, it is a very nice province of New Zealand, known for its vineyards and top-quality wine. The biggest city is Napier, with its world-renown art deco centre built after an earthquake decimated the city, and uplifted most of the land that the city's built on. The Hawkes Bay has a hot, dry Mediterranean climate, with lots of sunshine, and dry hills to the South of the populated area. Most of the Hawkes Bay is flat, but the hills in the area provide excellent vistas.

That's about all I have to say for now.


Elijah Lineberry said...

Yes, nice neck of the woods, Callum...however it is still 'provincial', still full of ignorant rustics :P

Overseas readers of your blog should be made aware that the only place to live in New Zealand is "Civilisation" - the Auckland Isthmus.

Here people are not 'provincial' or 'rustics' but intelligent, wealthy, industrious, imaginative chaps eagerly seeking to earn a quid from various activities; and spend those profits at the various restaurants, niteclubs and other necessities of life ...(which are often sorely lacking in the Siberian wilderness from Manurewa to Bluff)

Hopefully, one day, you will see the light and move here where all the 'normal' people reside ;) ha ha!

Callum said...

Oh, Elijah ... I don't think JAFAs are as intelligent as they are arrogant! :-)

Elijah Lineberry said...


You simply need to spend more time here; get to know everybody..ha ha!

I mean, gosh, what do you have in the Hawkes Bay? ...fruit trees and moaning minnies complaining about 'The Council'?!?! ...ha ha ha!