Monday, 18 May 2009

Warning: Following Dreams "Irresponsible"

With the full support of her parents, 15 year old Aussie Jessica Watson has a goal: to become the youngest person ever to individually circumnavigate the globe. However, her biggest challenge isn't lofty waves, strong winds and faulty equipment -it's Australian "family groups".

John Morrissey, of the Australian Family Association, has deemed the planned voyage too risky, saying:

"I've been teaching 15 year-old girls for 42 years and I'd be amazed if any of them could cope with something like that."

Similarly, from Bill Muehlenberg, of the Family Council of Victoria, says:

"...I think it sounds fairly irresponsible to allow this kind of thing to happen certainly at this young age."

Of course, a solo circumnavigation of the world presents certain dangers -of which I'm sure Jessica Watson is fully aware of, and prepared to deal with. Unlike most teenagers these days, here is a teenager who is motivated, has a purpose and a goal, and she intends to reach her goal. She represents the pinnacle of what being a teenager should be about: finding one's own wings and goals, and reaching for the stars -building up self esteem so critical at this point in life.

Instead, we have bureaucrats who don't know a single thing about Jessica telling her it's too dangerous. How dare she be motivated and willing to accomplish a goal! After all, in our politically correct world, we're always on about "letting the little people have a go". How's that supposed to help when people need to be assured of themselves and their goals, ideas and dreams?

I am fully behind her attempt to be the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe individually. Ultimately, her only true barrier to completing her voyage is if she doesn't have 100% confidence in her own ability to attain her goal.

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