Monday, 8 June 2009

Labour Can't Talk

With all the hoo-hah over a rather unknown politician (Richard Worth), it is unexpected that Labour should jump on the bandwagon, to discuss the "corruption" and "hypocrisy" of the National Government.

But while I am not a great fan of the eternally Labour-lite National Government, for a party that deliberately overspent nearly a million dollars on pledge cards during the 2005 election and decided to change the law to make it all legal, the Labour Party is hardly in the good book when it comes to political honesty.

After all, this situation involves the private situation of one MP; not only did the pledge cards use money from public coffers, it was an out-and-out political affair.

Perhaps Labour should keep its mouth shut, lest memories of the controversy surrounding their use of finances during that election come back to haunt them.


Anonymous said...

I cannot think of anything that should be more abhorrent in a democracy than to break election laws to win an election.
Then when facing legal challenges the criminal being the government changes the law to make their law breaking legal and the governor-general allows it. Why even have one?
Clarke was a criminal and should be in a jail cell.
Sorry for anon comment maybe I'll get a blog one day.

Callum said...

I look forward to seeing you blog, anon. As always, we could do with like-minded bloggers. :-)