Friday, 17 July 2009

Rating the World's Tourists

Now for a bit of lighter news: according to a new study by the world's hotel industry, the French have been ranked the world's worst tourists. Meanwhile, the Japanese have been ranked tops, followed by British tourists (which may come as a bit of a surprise!)

40,000 hotels from around the world participated in the survey. Rounding out the top 10 were:

1) Japanese
2) British
3) Canadians
4) Germans
5) Swiss
6) Dutch
6) Australians
8) Swedish
8) Americans
10) Danes

Meanwhile, us Kiwis were in the middle of the pack, tied 14th with Austrians. The 5 worst were:

22) South Africans (tied with the Poles)
24) Turkish
24) Greeks
26) Spanish
27) French

Given the usual stereotypes, I was surprised to find the British, Americans and Australians up there. Nothing else really surprises me, although perhaps the hotels surveyed were a bit mean on the French -most French tourists in downtown Wellington, for instance, seem perfectly fine.


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