Thursday, 30 July 2009

The "Rights" of Beneficiaries

Not surprisingly, the MSM has been all over the case recently of some (not-so) "private" information of some beneficiaries being released into the public sector by Paula Bennett. Although one lady has already realised that her little gesture actually did little to compromise her security at all, the other is still unrepentant.

What she, the public and the MSM are forgetting is that the lady in question is a beneficiary -she lives off public money that has been forcibly extracted from taxpayers. As thus, the taxpayer has the right to know about the people they're paying for!

I suggest something like this, to be available online free of charge, for every beneficiary:

marital status
no. children
which benefit they're receiving
benefit income per month
other income per month (this could be family income for stay-home mothers)
how long they've been receiving government funds.

This would not apply to pensioners, or children under the age of 18. Once an individual has stopped receiving government benefits, their information is removed from public access. Although the information will allow taxpayers to see how their money is being spent, it will not compromise the security of the beneficiaries.

The database will not include money for tax rebates.

Any beneficiary complaining about the new system will be told that they're receiving public funds; the taxpayer has the right to know who they're paying for, and make decisions accordingly.


Brett said...

"other income per month" - that's BS. Why should that be disclosed...

Elijah Lineberry said...

Splendid post, Callum!

I agree that beneficiaries should be open to scrutiny because it is only meant to be temporary, rather than a way of life.

If these gals do not like it they can always go and get a job like everybody else.

Callum said...

Brett: to show up people who are squandering taxpayer money, when they already have more than enough money to live on. "Welfare queens" have been a problem for the NZ welfare system for a while now - this will help prevent against them.

Elijah: thanks. Hopefully, a list like this will make the idea of permanent vs. temporary welfare painfully obvious for many people who would not like to think it exists.

Alix said...

Government have stalled my emails. Check tonight before the email address closes.
Download information- Do not publish any information.
But beware of the MEAnz cover-up.
Read draft folders- open all folders- take information.

Sorry about spelling mistakes on email account- rushed job.

Anonymous said...

How about this. Stand for parliament under the libertarian banner. Tell the public exactly what you want to do (I suggest you be less wordy, in fact a hell of a lot less wordy than what you are on your blog) and see how you get on.