Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A Reflection on Modern Russia

The 1st September in any year ending with a nine is always a good time to look back on the war that, 64-70 years ago, claimed millions upon millions of lives. It is also a good time to analyse the thoughts about the War that come from some of its key participants. Out of those nations, the views that stand out the most is those of Russia.

At today's ceremony to commemorate the War, Putin put the blame for the War solely on the Western nations, notably Britain and the US, for making deals with Hitler that led to the start of the War. That is, of course, without mentioning the most important pact of the times - between Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. Similarly, a Russian documentary last weekend justifies Stalin's invasion of Poland by making the claim that Poland and Nazi Germany actually entered into a secret alliance. (!)

Unfortunately, too many Russians today believe in this nonsensical idea of Russian patriotism - many even look up to Stalin admirably, and use Russian actions in WWII to justify Russian imperialism today.

Which is really a sad reflection on modern Russia.


Euan said...

Stalin was paranoid that Hitler was intending to attack Russia in 1939 - he had purged the armed forces in 1937 and probably believed that by doing a deal in 39he could at least set his border as far west as possible.

He was also paranoid that the Aliies would do a deal with Hitler, securing Germany's western front, leaving Germany free to attack Russia.

Elijah Lineberry said...

Those Russians are funny chaps.

Goodness knows where Putin obtained his logic from by placing blame on Britain or America for starting things.

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