Saturday, 24 February 2007

CYFSwatch dead-then up again

CYFSwatch was deleted by Google, a few days ago, undoubtedly because of the death threat to Sue Bradford posted on the site, which is a breach of Google's terms and conditions.

However the site was started up again, on Wordpress, and here it is. Of course, it doesn't have all the original posts of the first CYFSwatch site, but it goes to show that CYFSwatch simply won't give up. Although the death threat was no short of stupid, the owner of the site still has a right to free speech, and they're using that right. Besides, 76% of all kiwis-3 million people, don't want the site to be shut down. So hopefully it's going to stay indefinitely, but we shouldn't hold our breath with the "no crticism allowed" attitude of the Labour government.

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Luke said...

The WordPress cyfswatch blog is dead too - but they have their own website now:

What a fun game of Whack-a-mole ...

The saddest thing is how Google and WordPress have played in the NZ governments hands. They have a right to do it (according to their TOS'), but still, in the interests of free speech - and just to piss governments off - I would have left the blogs up, if I owned a hosting company.