Thursday, 22 February 2007

Skyscrapers-Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science

Built in 1955, the Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science is a very special building. A "present" from Joseph Stalin to Poland, the skyscraper is 230 metres high (think slightly taller than the skydeck on the Skytower) and was built by 3500 men in three years. It looks similar to many other buildings built by the Soviets during that time.

There are 42 floors in the Palace of Culture and Science, which add up to a total area of 123,000 square metres. Although the state doesn't own the building anymore, many Poles originally hated the building because it represented Soviet domination over their people. A small group still does today.

The building has an observation deck 114 metres high, which is a popular local tourist destination. Locals used to make fun of the building with the joke that the tower had the best view of the city; it was the only place in the city that it could not be seen [in the cityscape].

Four six-metre high clock faces were added to the tower in 2000, making it the second tallest clock tower in the world.

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