Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Smacking ban will only lead to more crime

It's probably to late, but I need to have a rant about the smacking ban MP's have been debating about today. A smacking ban is not only anti-choice, it will also lead to more crime in the future.

A smacking ban is essentially saying this to children: Look, your parents can't do so much as (literally) touch you when discipling you, you can run around and do whatever you want, your parents can do nothing about it". After all, what do most teenage kids these days care about being shouted at?

I'm no advocate of beating children which encourages violence later on in life, but if parents can't smack their children-a reasonable smack, not a big slap-children will suffer from lack of discipline, and therefore crime-especially youth-related-will increase. And that trend will continue, as later generations are taught the same thing from the people of today.

We're already seeing the results of little to no discipline in the suburbs of South Auckland today. We're also seeing what happens when the state provides you with a whole lot of stuff provided for by stealing off the taxpayer, and giving it to these people, which is fostering a very much self evident "we don't give a crap about what the rest of this godforsaken country thinks of us, we still get to live off them anyway!" attitude.

Perhaps get these people to actually work and provide for themselves and their families-which fosters a sense of self responsibility-and we'll see attitudes change.

And until then, a smacking ban won't make New Zealand any better a place to live in for any children. The beatings and murders will continue.


Rick said...

Well said, C

Callum said...

That's a new nickname! I'll have to note it down.

Becky C. said...

Wow--I never thought you guys would come up with inanity like this--I thought this kind of thing was reserved for Sweden and the Great State of California.

It is an another example of government promoting an agenda on how individuals lead their lives. Whether one agrees or disagrees with corporal punishment of kids, I think every right thinking person had to admit it is not some weird wacked out idea--been around for thousands of years. Why should the government impose the anti-spanking agenda--a result of the failed no-spanking social experiment started in the 1950's. Jeez


Callum said...

New Zealand is actually quite a left-wing country. While not on the scale of Scandinavia, we do have our quirks here and there. Our prime minister, Helen Clark, is a socialist. Sue Bradford, who proposed the bill, is also a socialist.

But, Becky, I certainly agree with your second paragraph!