Tuesday, 8 May 2007

...And what allows the Gangs to Thrive?

Everyone in New Zealand is appalled by the shocking incident just a few days ago when some piece of filth shot a baby in Wanganui. What horrendous actions carried out by someone who ought to be imprisoned for the next two decades.

But the deeper question behind this is "what is responsible for these gangs going about killing everyone?"

An investigation will quickly reveal that illegal drugs are responsible for the ongoing thriving of gang activities here in New Zealand, and indeed all around the world. As drugs can not be supplied by a free market, the drug market goes underground where it's controlled by gang cartels and shady figures, all out to reap the excess cash and above-market prices that prohibition delievers. It's not a secret that many gang members now and during Al Capone's time in the 1920's like prohibition. Prohibition distorts the actual market price of drugs, making them all the more expensive, and the criminals all the more richer.

I've gone over too many times that this leads many addicts, who are often (or soon will be) parts of the lower socio-economic rungs, to steal, cheat and lie to get their drugs. In a proper market with all the checks and balances (aka competition), the price drops back down to the market rate, and less stealing is required.

Making a crime out of drugs also diverts police funds away from actual crimes, like rape, murder and theft, onto victimless crimes, as the name suggests, without a victim. Prohibition leads to gangs getting away with more horrendous crimes like this.

If drugs are to be controlled by a free market, the price would fall and gangs will have to look for other sources of income. Police dollars can be used on serious crimes, making gangs all the more vulnerable. But the way it is, the law bows down to them.

We wouldn't have so many baby killings, either.


Richard said...

Yes, and the interception of illegal drugs at the border by the Customs Service has the same effect as imposing import tariffs. It subsidises local industry, making clandestine drug manufacture here an even more lucrative business.

Callum said...

^^^Indeed it does. By outlawing drugs, the gangs have no competition, and as thus can thrive off prohibition.

'Mayor Blair', Campaign 2007 said...

It beggers me that 'civil society' et al profers the answer to prohibitions consequences is more prohibition!

Are they all stupid?

This baby's death is the unintended consequence of a public policy in disrepute.

Those who clamour for political 'we're tougher than you on crime and drugs' status have blood on their hands.

This, and countless other incidences, is occuring and will continue to do so, on the prohibitors watch until this lesson is learned. We are reducing life and limb in kiwiland to a lottery, in which the prime beneficiaries are political, legal, justice and corrections hacks.

Failure to address the matrix of dysfunction that is our national drug policy is both gross malfeasance and public endangerment.

Prohibition is a protection racket for Gangs.