Sunday, 6 May 2007

Socialism making France Poorer

All across France, men and women who've lived and worked in France all their lives are looking for jobs in other countries. These people aren't your average Joe Riff-raff; they're well-to-do men and women looking to escape the stagnant French economy.

Many of these people are now working across the English Channel in London, which looks especially attractive with its growing economy and expanding job opportunities.

So why do people in a country with one of the highest number of worker-regulations in the world look for jobs in a somewhat more capitalist market? The answer is simple: that's where the jobs are going.

Many French businesses are relocating to China, as, like it seen by businesses all around the world, is a haven for businesses. The French economy and quality of life have a lot to thank socialism for; a generation ago, France was easily one of the top-ten richest countries in the world a few decades back, and now it's at No. 17. More than 50% of households in the country live on less than $1,990 a month; that adds up to all those households living on less than $23,880 a year. Far more capitalistic America's average GNP per person per year is more than twice that number.

The French unemployment rate has not been below the high rate of 8% since 1984. Millions in France spend the best part of forever finding a job. One Frenchman said "In France you either search eternally for a job, or you stay eternally in a job". He also said "In France, most young people want to become civil servants. Can you imagine?” I shudder to think.

In the parts of French cities where the commieblock reigns supreme (and now would be a good time to say that many Parisian suburbs are hideously ugly thanks to them) up to half of all young adults (people in their late teens and twenties) are unemployed. Don't forget the riots in 2005.

In Calais, the city with the highest percentage of people under a welfare benefit, unemployment rates in the city and the surrouding region are at a staggering 13%! The public debt is at a truly disgraceful 66% of GDP.

Approximately 2,200,000 Frenchmen live overseas. Half of them don't plan on returning to France until retirement, and half are under the age of 35.

Job Creation is the most important issue on French minds in the current election (which Sarkozy is winning, thankfully). Unless something serious is done about this, France could be experiencing a far poorer future than present.

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