Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Political-Correcting the National Anthem

These days, our National Anthem just isn't enough for many on the Left. Indeed, words like "God" and "Freeland" simply aren't acceptable. To relieve many of the poor people who don't like the disgusting Christian orientation of the Anthem, I've proposed a new, politically-correct one which will surely get support from the lefties. Unless, of course, it's too biased towards good ol' Allah, but that simply isn't heard of in the Left now, is it?

Current National Anthem (asterisks represent what is to be changed)

First verse

God* of **nations at thy feet,
In the bonds of ***love we ****meet,
Hear our *****voices we entreat,
God* defend our ******freeland.

*-Christian-orientated. Replace with "Allah".
**-put the word "commie" before it.
***-make it sound more Socialist. Use "welfarism" instead.
****-replace with "collectivise".
*****-use the word "consensus" instead.
******-freeland!? bah! replace with "iwiland".

Second Verse

Guard Pacific's *triple star,
From the shafts of **strife and war,
Make her ***praises heard afar,
God**** defend *****New Zealand.

*-replace with "enviro-fascist utopia"
**-bad things, but usually caused by Socialism. Replace with "mutual consent" and "voluntarism".
***-replace with "family benefits".
****-Look at the first verse.
*****-English name. Replace with the usual "People's Islamic Republic of Aotearoa".

New National Anthem

Allah of commie nations at thy feet,
In the bonds of welfarism we collectivise,
Hear our consensus we entreat,
Allah defend our Iwiland.

Guard Pacific's enviro-fascist utopia,
From the shafts of mutual consent and voluntarism,
Make her family benefits heard afar,
Allah, defend our People's Islamic Republic of Aotearoa.

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