Saturday, 9 June 2007

Stupid Putin

I've never liked the Neo-Nazi Tzar of Russia known as Vladimir Putin, but he's just reached a new low. After reacting the way he's done, it's little wonder why America needs a "shield"!

He claims that America is building its shield to protect the West from the Russians. Although it would be a good idea to use this shield in case Russia did attack, the shield's primary purpose is instead to protect the West from the rogue states and terrorist organizations in the Middle East. The planned shield, which is in fact a number of missiles located around Eastern Europe, was ruffling very few feathers internationally until Putin started complaining.

The main reason, I believe, for Putin's outrage is to get the media attention he's been craving for. He's used the incident as a platform to attack other nations, namely, Britain, about the Litvinenko controversy and Britain's allowing of Berezovsky, the president's main rival, to stay and work in Britain.

Putin has been threatening European nations since the whole ordeal started, and is using very little in the way of diplomacy. He's an uncompromising dictator who will revert back to Soviet methods to achieve his ends. 74 years of communism, 16 years of supposedly "democratic" rule, and the Tzars have never left.

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