Saturday, 9 June 2007

A Victory For Liberty!

I am pleased to know that Greg Carvell, the Auckland gun-shop owner who shot an intruder armed with a machete in his shop, has been declared innocent by two Judges in Auckland today. His actions in his shop were an excellent example of what should be done if a criminal threatens anyones life, liberty and property. He used his gun wisely and with constraint, and quite possibly also saved one of his customers their life. He should've been applauded for his actions, not convicted for him-for saving his life.

I thank the two Justices of the Peace who ruled out any criminality. They made an excellent decision to uphold civil liberties and the Right to Self-Defense.

Hmmmm, I wonder why there are no lefties complaining about the incident in the gun shop and complaining that guns should be more regulated?

Greg Carvell is a shining reason of why gun rights are so important: to protect Life, Liberty and Property.

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