Saturday, 28 July 2007


Bullying (in the Schoolyard): A form of force, physical or otherwise, against another child. As thus, a violate of rights under a Libertarian or Objectivist government.

I'm sure we are all aware here of the major problem that bullying has developed into in the schools of today. The underline problem is a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, cause by a sense of hopelessness and lack of responsibility, fueled by the welfare state and the collectivist principles of the public school system.

Although, that is not without saying that there is bullying in private schools as well. The main reason, once again, is lack of responsibility.

The Welfare State, as demonstrated many times throughout history, has lead to a "no responsibility" mentality throughout children born into it. This mentality crushes self esteem, because of the fact that without responsibility that teenagers and eventually grown men feel that they are children all their lives-after all, responsibility is really what seperates the men from the boys. Combined with the general goings-on of puberty and the "I'm invincible!" attitude of teenage boys, this process is a recipe for bullying problems in the school, and attitude problems.

This in turn leads to a lack of learning, and getting further behind in school, which fuels the low self esteem, which fuels the bullying, and the cycle starts again.

As for the bullies in private schools, the lack of responsibility is caused by rich parents who act as the private equivalent of nanny state, with the same causes and effects.

The Libertarian solution to bullying in the schoolyard is to have every family responsible for their own money and children. By progressively removing the welfare state, responsibility will take place and young men would be responsible for themselves, thus raising self-esteem and decreasing the amount of bullying.


Anonymous said...

Hi Callum,

Interesting weblog you have here.

Well done!

I would say, from personal observation, that bullying in Private Schools is probably worse than State schools.

Callum said...

Yeah, that can be true in many cases, that's why I put the part about rich parents acting as a private nanny state (just look at Paris Hilton, surely the stupidest non-communist celebrity out there).

Once again, it all boils down to lack of responsibility.