Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Child Abuse in NZ...but Never Mind the Abusers

As PC points out at his blog, after the disgusting abuse suffered by one child in Rotorua the idiotic Socialists and politicians in parliament are once again saying that, somehow, the abuse is all society's fault. Properly put, the abuse is not really the abusers fault-hell no, they're beneficiaries!-but instead the fault of all 4.1 million other New Zealanders. Somehow, we should all be ashamed with who we all are by the actions of one stupid idiot.

Once again, no one points to the abusers as the real criminals. A five year old would be able to point out the irrationality in the logic of the idiotic Socialists, let alone an entire nation!

Strangely enough, though, it is in fact the Parliamentary Socialists who say this type of crap that also let abuse like this happen. After all, these people are on the dole for a reason. I highly doubt anyone who does use the system as intended-as a temporary safety net in hard times-would abuse their children. It is the violent, evil bastards who manipulate the system for their selfish ends that abuse their children.

But, of course, lets not pretend Parliamentary leftists will do anything about it. A government that robs Peter to pay Paul will always count on the support of Paul. And in the way democracy is now in New Zealand, honesty never matters when election time comes rolling around-observe the 2005 election-but, instead, who will give the greatest handouts.

It's about damn time to stand up for the 99.99% of NZ parents who happen to not abuse their kids and point to the abusers as the real criminals.

Until then, justice is permanently out the window.

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