Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Helen Clark and Muldoon

I simply can't disagree with Mike Moore- once a Labour PM himself for a short time- in his recent statements about Helen Clark looking more and more like Robert Muldoon, who was essentially her equivalent on the Right (at least, the Social Right anyway).

As I've stated before, Labour is desperate, and in the latest poll was 20% behind National. Labour clearly need to get votes, and fast. Helen Clark is not one to let political "information" about her opponents get past without her exaggerating it, sometimes to the point of an out-and-out lie. That's why she's gathering up all available information about John Key that she can get. Luckily, this strike on John Key (just like the attack on Don Brash during the Exclusive Brethren issue) is very transparent, wreaks of desperation, and not making a positive impact for Labour, at all. Many a time, it should not be an issue at all. One of the most prominent attacks made by Labour was about John Key having a different position on the Iraq War now than at the start, in 2003. Someone needs to tell Labour that it's a rather futile political action to accuse people of changing their minds, over the course of four years.

Isn't it just lovely how Labour is putting the nails in its own coffin?


Euan said...

I don't think the comparison really stands up in terms of style - Muldoon was an in-your-face, confrontational as opposed to Clark's patronising "we know what you want"...

I think that Muldoon genuinely wanted to make NZ a better place and believed in what he was doing. He actually had a record of freeing up the economy up until the 2nd oil shock in the late 70s. From then on he took to trying to protect NZ from the outside world with tariffs, subsidies, regulation. Imagine turning on TV to be told by the PM that from midnight a freeze was being placed on all pay increases and price rises... well, it happened!!

riki said...

As a person I think Helen Clark is a fine individual and role model when it comes to her outdoors activities. Politically she is the polar opposite. From the freedom of the outdoors she completely swings atacking freedom of speech.
when the labour party tried to promote hate laws they were vehemently opposed and used the excuse of 'just testing the waters.' If they get back in, the hate laws will be promptly prioritised in agenda as socialism penetrates free speech.

'Nations aren't ruled by common sense but agendas.'