Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Labour Desperate

2008 will be a great year in my life. Helen Clark will finally be outed of parliament, hopefully (but doubtfully, under John Key) replaced by a better governing party.

Labour knows this, and is desperate. It can simply not be more evident than in the fact that Labour launched an rather unrelentless attack on National Party Leader John Key. The Battle of the Bulge, for comparison.

New Zealanders are obviously very sick of Helen. After all, she got into power when I was in Year 1. Only five years old. I'm turning fourteen in a few weeks. Across New Zealand, the voice against Labour is going from strength to strength, and is giving Labour a very simple message:


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riki said...

I am surprised you say 'doubtfully'
National will be lead by John Key. He is the reason National has been reinvigorated and why Helen is the stunned possum she is. she would far have preferred the snobs reserve bank man who had painted himself into a corner for her ridicule. Remember, no govt has made fourth term. Next year Key will be PM and Phil Goff will be exactly where he wants to be,, leader of the opposition Promising the people the world.

btw,, I'm not sure what you mean by 'battle of the bulge' but I'm glad to see someone of your age is historically savvy.